Commercial Real Estate

Real estate has long been the go-to investment for those looking to build long-term wealth for generations. Commercial real estate investing, in particular, is known to provide some of the highest income streams. Commercial property typically requires more up-front capital than a residential property. Commercial real estate (CRE) is an appealing investment class because of its consistent returns, passive income, and growth potential. This sector of real estate investing is becoming more and more popular as an alternative investment. However, while CRE has the potential to be profitable, not all commercial investments are considered equal. Knowing when, what, and how to invest in commercial real estate is an essential component of success or failure.

It's also an essential component to know the common pitfalls, mistakes, and risks of commercial real estate, so you can prepare for them before you buy. Not all property types are the same. Commercial real estate has a wide variety of asset types. While CRE is typically classified into five main sectors; industrial, office, retail, multifamily, and special purpose, there are many other property types such as self-storage, medical, elder care, land, or hotel. The supply and demand, yield, and overall profitability of each sector vary greatly.

Some property types perform better than others based on the supply and demand in the asset's specific location. But even on a macro level, some sectors perform better than others. It is crucial to know how to identify the asset types that are most profitable or offer the biggest opportunity in the current economy. Before you begin investing, research the performance of each asset class in the current economy, determine the viability of that sector as an investment, and then elect which CRE property type you would like to pursue.

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