Corporate Concierge Services

Todo Lujo provides a range of bespoke concierge services tailored for the corporate environment. We are the leading concierge and lifestyle management company in the corporate sector, which includes real estate, hospitality, finance and fashion industries. We offer access to an unrivaled repertoire of lifestyle expertise.

Corporate clients are supported by personalised unique programs, leaving the day-to-day task to Todo Lujo. Our connections are second to none and our expertise in the high-net-worth market is carried right across to the boardroom in bespoke and creative ways. We manage corporate travel, which is both personal and tailored to your companies’ requirements.

Maximize efficiency and profitability with a virtual or on-site concierge. Our corporate concierge specialists make things easier for your organization by coordinating every aspect of business operations.


A corporate concierge program will save your employees valued time, energy, and resources with an effective work-life balance.

Increase employee satisfaction and motivation
Increase employee productivity and efficiency
Increase talent acquisition and retention

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