Tax & Estate Planning

At Todo Lujo, we assist our investment management clients with their estate planning requirements, such as tax planning, wills and more. You have made the necessary investments over your lifetime to be able to enjoy a comfortable retirement. But how do you protect your wealth and create your legacy?

As a result of the complex, ever-changing tax landscape, estate planning is vital to protecting your wealth. We work with you, your children and your grandchildren to ensure that your family’s lifetime accumulation of wealth can be preserved for the benefit of future generations.

We assist our investment management clients with their estate planning requirements. We explore potential tax gaps between your existing estate plan and your intentions (i.e. your will) and if there is no estate plan we will work with your trust & estate attorney to create and document a strategic and purposeful distribution of your wealth.

We advise our clients on:
Eldercare | Life Insurance Strategies | Long-term Care Analysis | Medicare & Medicaid Planning | Memorable Family Experiences | RMD Calculations for IRA’s | Retirement Income Needs | Risk Management & Asset Protection | Social Security Benefit Options | Retirement Planning | Setting Up Trust Accounts | Tax-Efficient Distribution Of Wealth

Todo Lujo advisors are not attorney and cannot draft wills or trusts on your behalf. However, our advisors are experienced in helping clients draft objectives, based on their financial plan, to review with clients’ trust & estate attorney. Todo Lujo advisors review drafts of the estate documents to make sure that our clients’ objectives are properly incorporated and that the administration of the trust will run smoothly.

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