Land Investing

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When it comes to investing your money, land has always been a valuable commodity to consider. Some investors purchase a vacant lot for immediate development. However, others buy lots with the intention of letting the value grow over time.

In essence, when you invest in land, you are buying untouched, raw land, that has not been developed. The zoning of raw land is very important because it determines how the land can be used for future development. There are eight main categories of land use:

Public or semi-public
Parks and open space
Right of way

Residential and Commercial Land Investments
Residential and commercial land development offers a feasible entryway into investment because virtually an unlimited number of land development opportunities can be structured to meet an investor’s capital and time constraints.

Row Crop Land and Land for Livestock Operations
Land purchased for row-crop farming or for running a livestock operation affords the ability to enjoy land in the homeowning sense, as well as from the standpoint of generating income. However, there are a host of problems for small investors who purchase land in order to operate these types of enterprises. First, the scale required to operate a row-crop operation or livestock operation has to be very large to be financially viable. This, in turn, requires a significant upfront capital outlay far beyond what most people can afford. Moreover, the ongoing fixed costs associated with running these types of farming operations are extremely high.

It Diversifies Your Net Worth.
Investing in land is one of the best methods to diversify your net worth. You can build anything on the land you purchased. This can be a personal property or any commercial real estate. It can be owned or rented depending on your preference.

It Steadily Appreciates, Especially In Good Locations.
The great thing about land is there will always be a use for it. So, if you put some research into the area your land is based in, along with the types of usage it would suit – it could generate some future income.

Flipping land
Flipping land is one of the most popular methods of land investing and simply means you buy a parcel of land for a low price and sell it later for a higher price. Places like tax sales or foreclosure auctions can be great places to find low-cost land that can be flipped for good returns.

More land isn’t being made
Land, in general, is in demand. As our population grows, the need for land to develop grows with it. And there is only so much land available.

Little to no maintenance
Raw land is undeveloped, meaning there is no property to maintain or tenants to deal with. Aside from paying property taxes and keeping the land mowed or secured, it's a relatively low-maintenance investment.

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