Submarine Charters

The most dazzling treasures of many beach resorts are concealed below the water’s surface; and with a personal submarine, such treasures can be made accessible to us all. A personal sub provides a unique opportunity to create a memorable experience for visitors – whether simply tourists, or more adventurous explorers. Venture where few people have as you dive below the waves in the comfort and safety of a submarine. Enjoy the sights of eerie shipwrecks and a variety of amazing marine life. Whether seeking to charter a submarine to launch from a yacht, a support vessel or wishing to include a dive as part of your land-based holiday, Todo Lujo can help you in your quest for underwater discovery.

With more than 80% of our ocean’s still unexplored, discovering the depths is a true adventure and one that few will experience in their lifetime. With incredible advancements in submersible technology in recent years, it is now possible to discover the underwater world like never before. With Todo Lujo, you can access the mysteries of the deep and experience a dimension that is usually reserved for marine researchers, documentary camera crews and scientists.

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